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This is a list of about 200 common irregular verbs in Spanish, and the rules they follow, you will also find some verbs that don't follow any pattern, usually they're the most used verbs, for more explanations please check the irregular verbs page.


List of Spanish Irregular Verbs:

When the last syllable is a vowel  (u -> )


acentuar (to stress/ to accent)

actuar (to act)

conceptuar (to consider/ to judge)

continuar (to continue)

extenuar (to exhaust/ to drain)

insinuar (to insinuate)

perpetuar (to perpetuate)


When the last syllable is a vowel  (i -> )


fotografiar (to take a photograph of)

agriar (to turn sour)

confiar (to confide)

criar (to breed)

desvariar (to be delirious/ to talk nonsense)

enviar (to send)

espiar (to spy on)

esquiar (to ski)

liar (to tie up/ to wrap/ to roll)


When we add an e to the last letter of the stem c then  (c -> qu)


platicar (to chat)

mascar (to chew)

electrificar (to electrify)

clarificar (to clarify)

aparcar (to park/ to shelf)

suplicar (to plead)

justificar (to justify)

blocar (to block)

complicar (to complicate)

cualificar (to qualify)

certificar (to confirm)

edificar (to build)

fabricar (to manufacture/ to build/ to make)

explicar (to explain)

falsificar (to forge)

intensificar (to intensify)

marcar (to mark)

mascar (to chew)

picar (to bite)

provocar (to incite)

refrescar (to refresh/ to chill)

sacar (to take out)

tocar (to touch/ to play on an instrument)

unificar (to unite)


When we add an e to the last letter of the stem z then  (z-> c)


aterrorizar (to terrorize)

abrazar (to embrace)

amordazar (to gag/ muzzle)

adelgazar (to lose weight)

aterrizar (to land)

analizar (to analyze)

alcanzar (to reach)

civilizar (to civilize)

alzar (to lift/ raise/ hoist)

cazar (to hunt)

cotizar (to quote/ to price)

generalizar (to spread/ to generalize)

gozar (to enjoy)

lanzar (to throw/ to fling)

memorizar (to memorize)

punzar (to prick/ to stab)

rozar (to rub/ to brush/ to graze)

utilizar (to use)


When we add an a or o to the last letter of the stem g then  (g -> j)


escoger (to choose)

acoger (to welcome/ take in/ receive)

coger (to take)

encoger (to shrink)

recoger (to pick up)


When we add an e to the last letter of the stem g then  (g ->gu)


castigar (to punish)

agregar (to add)

apagar (to put out/ to put off/ to extinguish)

chocar (to crash)

fatigar (to tire/ to weary)

halagar (to flatter)

juzgar (to judge)

llegar (to arrive)

madrugar (to get up early)

tragar (to swallow)


When we have an e in an accented syllable then  (e -> ie)


alentar (to encourage)

atender (to attend to)

calentar (to heat up/ to warm up)

comenzar (to start/ to begin)

confesar (to confess)

defender (to defend/ to stand up for)

descender (to go down)

despertar (to wake/ to arouse)

empezar (to begin/ to start)

encender (to light/ to inflame)

encerrar (to shut up/ to shut in)

extender (to stretch out)

mentar (to mention)

pensar (to think)

perder (to lose)

quebrar (to break)

sentar (to sit/ to seat)


When an o occurs in a stressed syllable then  (o -> ue)


acordar  (hacer algo) (to agree to do something)

acostarse (to go to bed)

aprobar (to approve)

concordar (to agree/ to reconcile)

contar (to count/ to tell)

costar (to cost)

desaprobar (to disapprove of/ to reject)

descontar (to deduct)

encontrar (to find/ to encounter)

engrosar (to swell)

mostrar (to show)

recordar (to remember)

tronar (to thunder)

devolver algo (to give something back)

disolver (to dissolve/ to break up)

doler (to hurt)

envolver (to wrap up/ to wind)

llover (to rain)

morder (to bite/ to eat into)



When an o occurs in a stressed syllable then  (o -> ue) or  (o -> u)


dormir (to put to bed)

dormirse (to go to bed)

morir (to die)


When an o occurs in a stressed syllable then  (e -> ie) or  (e -> i)


consentir (to allow/ to permit)

digerir (to digest/ to assimilate)

divertir (to entertain/ to amuse)

hervir (to boil)

invertir (to reverse/ to invert)

mentir (to lie)

preferir (to prefer)

referir (to tell/ recount)


No pattern followed for this verbs whose e becomes I  (e -> i)


henchir (to fill/ to fill up)

expedir (to send/ to dispatch/ to issue)

impedir (to prevent)

pedir (to ask for/ to order)


When we add an a or o to the last letter of the stem c then  (c ->zc)


agradecer (to thank)

amanecer (to dawn)

compareceer (to appear)

aparecer (to appear/ show up)

crecer (to grow)

decrecer (to decrease/ to decline)

conocer (to know)


When we add an  (a/ e/ o) then  (u -> )


aguar (to water down)

apaciguar (to calm down)

atestiguar (to testify to)

averiguar (to find out)

fraguar (to forge)


No pattern followed here  (ui->uy)


construir (to build/ manufacture)

confluir (to converge/ to meet)

contribuir (to contribute)

derruir (to demolish/ to knock down)

destituir (to dismiss)

destruir (to destroy/ to wreck/ to demolish)

diluir (to dilute)

disminuir (to reduce/ to decrease)

distribuir (to distribute)

fluir (to flow)

incluir (to include)

influir (to influence)

reconstruir (to rebuild/ to reconstruct)

rehuir (to avoid)


Miscellaneous Irregular verbs (usually no pattern followed)


andar (to walk)

desandar (to go back over/ to retrace the trail)

caer (to fall)

recaer (to relapse)

dar (to give)

decir (to say)

estar (to be )

deshacer (to undo/ to unpack/ to destroy)

hacer (to do/ to make)

rehacer (to do again/ to rebuild)

satisfacer (to satisfy/ to quench)

ir (to go)

or (to hear)

poder (to be able to)

querer (to want)

saber (to know)

salir (to go out)

prevaler (to prevail)

valer (to value)


Traer family


contraer (to contract/ to acquire/ catch)

distraer (to amuse/ to entertain)

extraer (to extract)

maltraer (to maltreat)

traer (to bring)


Tener family


abstenerse (to abstain)

contener (to contain/ to restrain/ to hold back)

detener (to arrest/ to stop/ to hold up/ to delay)

obtener (to get/ to win)

sostener (to support)


Venir family


convenir (to be suitable)

devenir en (to become/ to turn into)

intervenir (to take part/ to get involved)

prevenir (to prevent)

provenir de (to come from)


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